Monday, April 24, 2017

#ThankYouMiami Runs (And Wins) The South Beach Triathlon

It's been almost one month since I participated (and won) the South Beach triathlon. As I prepare to run (and hopefully beat my co-workers in) Thursday's Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, I am reminiscing about my short journey in the tri world and why this victory absolutely had to happen.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

#ThankYouMiami for New Food Finds - Via Emilia 9

Few things are more Americana than a neighbor popping over with food to welcome you to the neighborhood. Ironically, the neighbor that did that for me during my recent move hails from Italy. Via Emilia 9 is a regional Italian restaurant specializing in homemade pastas and dishes traditional to the Emilia region in northern Italy.  Last week, amidst a flurry of boxes, dust, and other moving chaos, they treated me to dinner at their intimate 15th Street digs. The simple yet undeniably delicious meal restored my energy and lifted my spirits during a really tumultuous time, starting my new chapter along West Avenue on a positive note.

Monday, April 17, 2017

#ThankYouMiami Moves To West Avenue

There's a good reason for my near radio silence the past two weeks: I moved. Turns out, moving is harder and takes a lot longer than you anticipate. (You have WAY more stuff than you think you do. And, that delivery you scheduled? Yea, that's going to be inexplicably delayed.) But, now that I am all moved in, I'm excited to get to know my new neighborhood and get back in the swing of things.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#ThankYouMiami for Random Acts of Genius


This is a short and sweet story about a random act of genius I experienced yesterday while shopping at the Ross on Miami Beach.

After waiting more than a half hour in an ultra long line—it wrapped around four times and spilled over next to the shoes section—I was super excited to pack my newly purchased home goods in the car and get home for dinner. I pushed my cart, piled high with fragile and bulky items, with conviction to get it through the door. Aaargh! The wheels on the cart locked. I jerked forward, the new glassware clanging ominously.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Cooking Brasserie Azur's Braised Beef Short Ribs

For the sake of our wallets and our summer bodies, we're hoarding delicious recipes so we can cook and eat at home more frequently. And, while our weekday meals are simple and clean, we're still foodies that enjoy the decadent dishes and bold flavors found at Miami restaurants. Inspired by the success of our DÔA pork belly bun recipe post, we've asked local chefs to share the secret behind some of our favorite Miami recipes.

Today's recipe is a hearty dinner—an elevated version of the traditional American dish of meat, potatoes, and vegetable—from Brasserie Azur: braised beef short ribs with mashed potatoes and sautéed spinach. How do you know it's going to be good? Red-blooded American and New England Patriot's tight end Rob Gronkowski is a fan.

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