Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Giving Thanks Miami Style

No one knows gratitude like your favorite Miami blog, #ThankYouMiami. While we are proponents of giving thanks year-round, we are nevertheless fans of a day dedicated to being grateful. In our excitement for tomorrow's Thanksgiving holiday, we have compiled a concise how-to on giving thanks "Miami style". Thanks to the melting pot of cultures in our beautiful city and the never ending summer weather, that means a menu that includes lechon and flan and holiday-wear with brighter colors and lighter fabrics

In keeping with our distinct outlook, Miami's local restos are offering an array of alternative Thanksgiving menus this year so, if you are not in charge of the turkey, more power to you - make a reservation! Cavalli Miami and Ceconni's in Miami Beach are offering prix-fixe menus, for $80 and $35/$45 respectively, with an Italian twist. Similarly, Oolite Miami has an extensive menu of Thanksgiving options that are 100-percent gluten free at $37.99 for three courses and a side. Don't want to eat out? Give your dinner your own twist by adding dishes inspired by other cultures or by practicing your Spanish over dessert.

Regardless of where you will be eating, celebrating "Miami style" also means rocking a look that only a Miami-an would dare to wear this late in the year. To inspire you, we put together three muy chic outfits using our favorite pieces currently available at Florida boutique Magenta Couture. The resulting outfits are simple, but distinctly Miami with their mostly white palette, touches of bright colors, and non-traditional pieces (A trench as a dress? Bejeweled shoes?). And, because we love you, we made sure all three outfits are equipped to hide even the largest of food babies so you can indulge without a care. Bon appetit and happy Thanksgiving!

Miami Style Holiday Outfit Ideas

MICHALSKY leather pumps
$290 -

Olivia Trench

Neoprene Beetham Dress

Essential Japan

Trousers 2P0852

Where will you be enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday? What "only in Miami" dish does your Thanksgiving meal include? How do you dress for the holidays? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#ThankYouMiami for Fashion - Fashion Meets Fine Dining

When we joined Pescecane Ristorante in Surfside to share a delicious Italian meal with other Miami fashion bloggers, we figured we'd seen it all. Then, in the middle of dinner, the dining room was converted into a runway. The restaurant's transformation was part of the its one-of-a-kind event series dubbed "Fashion Meets Fine Dining". In our lastest #ThankYouMiami for Fashion post, we give you the scoop on the new program that Pescecane started at their restaurant in collaboration with Love Shopping Miami. Read the excerpt below and click the photo for the full feature! We will keep you posted once the date of the next event is announced.

Were you there for the first "Fashion Meets Fine Dining" event? What was your favorite part? What is your favorite fashion event in Miami? What is your go-to restaurant for date night? For entertaining visitors? For girls' night out? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#ThankYouMiami for Miami Beach - Video Contest

It's a fabulous time to be a Miami Beach aficionado! The Miami Beach Visitor and Convention Authority (MBVCA), who previously brought us a Miami Beach photo contest in September, is looking to reward you for showing our beautiful city some love with the "Miami Beach Favorite Moments Montage" video contest.

To enter, submit an original video montage showcasing your favorite Miami Beach spots, scenery, and sights on MBVCA's Facebook page and e-mail a hi-res to by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 31, 2014. Other Miami Beach fans will vote for their favorite entries and the top 10 will be chosen as the semi-finalists for incredible prizes, including:
  • First place: GoPro Hero4
  • Second place: iPad Ai
  • Third place: $200 Visa giftcard
Here are some of our favorite Miami Beach scenery snapshots from the #ThankYouMiami Instagram page to inspire your videos. Please scoll to the bottom for the full contest details.

A photo posted by ThankYouMiami (@thankyoumiami) on

The "Miami Beach Favorite Moments Montage" video contest is open to anyone 18 years of age or older as of November 4, 2014. Only three (3) entries may be submitted per email address/per person. Entries must be a compilation of video clips only and must not include any still photographs. All footage must incorporate Miami Beach city scenery, i.e. you may spotlight your favorite hotel under the circumstances that Miami Beach city, shore, water or skyline is featured. For more information, please visit the MBVCA Facebook page.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#ThankYouMiami How To: Lunch Like A Local - Coral Gables

Every day at lunchtime we "can't even" like it's nobody's business because we're either fruitlessly looking for a new lunch spot in our neighborhood or we're lost in someone else's neighborhood without a clue of where to eat. We're sure you can relate - so, to help us all, we're starting a new "Lunch Like A Local" series that will expand our lunching horizons no matter where in Miami we find ourselves, starting with Coral Gables. If you would like to share your neighborhood's favorite lunch spots, shoot us an email. Thanks to you, there may be one less "hangry" Miami-an roaming our streets!

For our very first Lunch Like A Local feature, we tapped our good friend Jamison Goldberg for his Coral Gables lunch savvy. Jamison is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that treats patients at Select Physical Therapy a couple days a week, but is primarily focused on growing a Coral Gables-based biomechanics and orthotics lab called Ergodynamic. Since Jamison works for a developing company, his lunch plans vary greatly from one day to the next. "Luckily", he says "Coral Gables has something to offer me whether I'm busy, need a relaxing break, or have doctors and clients to entertain."

Today Jamison shares with us his four favorite Coral Gables lunch spots:

244 Miracle Mile
(305) 640-8376

Patagonia is a gourmet Argentinian delicatessen that serves cold and hot sandwiches, empanadas, traditional Argentine entrées, and espresso. Also available are a meat market and a deli section with olives, peppers, pasta salads, etc. I walk to Patagonia when I need some relaxation, but don't want to take too long of a lunch. My go-to meal here is a cold sandwich and a "Patagonia" empanada with an Orangina, which I finish up with a Cortado.

2618 Galiano Street
(305) 442-4554

Frenchie's is where I go when I'm craving French cuisine. I opt for the French onion soup for my appetizer and vary my entrée depending on whether I'm looking for a heavy meal, like the Croque Madame, or a light(er) option, like the Duck Confit Club with Frittes. You can visit here with confidence knowing that you'll be happy no matter what you choose - after all, Frenchie's was named the Best French Restaurant of 2013 by the Miami New Times.

159 Aragon Avenue
(305) 445-2584

Sushi is that one food type that can go spectacularly right or horribly wrong depending on the place. I can vouch that Su-shin Izakaya is worth your trust and its four star rating on Yelp vouches for my good taste. The Beef Gyoza and Shrimp Shumai are great appetizer options. The Dragon Roll and Spider Rolls are my go-to entrées, but they also offer a variety of other Japanese dishes.

4. Swine Southern Table & Bar
2415 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
(786) 360-6433

50 Eggs proved with Yardbird Southern Table and Bar that they do Southern comfort food and homemade cocktails well. Swine proves that they can replicate these concepts well. The menu here is always changing, but my mainstays are the Deviled Eggs, the Black Angus Burnt Ends and the 12-Hour Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder. I recommend coming here for a mid-afternoon meeting or when you plan to enjoy a nice long Friday lunch.

What are your go-to lunch spots in Coral Gables? What do you get there? When do you recommend going? Was there a restaurant that you would have liked to see on this list? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami! If you would like to share your neighborhood lunch spots with Miami, contact us to be featured in an upcoming post for this series!

#ThankYouMiami for Memorable Birthdays - Localeur

Miami is an amazing city. But, with everything it offers, it can be an overwhelming city for visitors who are unfamiliar with the area. Enter Localeur, an Austin-based company, whose mission is to help travelers get the inside scoop of where to eat, drink, and play on their website and app. Earlier this year Localeur tapped #ThankYouMiami to share our local expertise with their audience. In our latest recommendation, we share the four spots that made our latest birthday muy memorable. Click on the image below to discover how you too can have a birthday that is "SO Miami" and make sure to keep an eye on the #ThankYouMiami Localeur page for future recommendations!

What is your favorite Miami venue for celebrating your birthday? Why? Do you have a special birthday tradition? A favorite place for picking up your birthday cake? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!