Friday, October 17, 2014

#ThankYouMiami for Cultural Influences - A #MujerDove Mexican Halloween How-To

In Miami, we have learned to accept that the leaves will never change color and that the weather will remain in the 80s well into winter. One of the fall staples that makes it to us virtually unscathed despite our impermeable tropical vibes is Halloween. And yet, Halloween is our opportunity to choose, not be forced, to make a fall tradition "SO Miami".

This year we plan to stake Miami's claim on unique fall rituals by channeling the cultural melting pot that is our community with our costumes. Inspired by Mujer Dove, we plan to give a nod to our own Mexican heritage with a look that is un poquito Frida Khalo, un poquito Catrina. While the internet will suffice for make-up inspo, we were extremely grateful that the pros at Anton Acero Beauty Studio lent our hair styling-challenged selves a hand for the 'do.

Today we share with you their step-by-step instructions for subduing hair into a Mexican glam look.The best part about this hairdo is that it is a good look beyond Halloween. So, whether you will be joining us in celebrating Miami's cultural influences on October 31st or you're looking for a new style to compliment your Sunday brunch look, we've got you!

Step 1: Round up your favorite Dove haircare products, a handful of large and small bobby pins, a colorful silk scarf, and some fresh or artificial flowers.
Step 2: With a clean coiff and a face full of your internet-inspired Catrina make-up, find a comfortable spot in front of a mirror.
Step 3: Generously apply Dove Pure Care Dry Oil to your hair for silkiness, softness, and shine.
Step 4: Grab a colorful silk scarf like this gorgeous one from Mexican designer Renée Niño de Rivera.
Step 5: Fold the scarf as shown above so that the two sides are approximately the length of your hair.
Step 6: Part your hair in the middle and place the scarf behind your neck.
Step 7: Braid one half of your hair using the scarf as a one third of the braided strands.
Step 8: Braid the second half of your hair in the same manner.
Step 9: Bring one braid over your hair and, using large bobby pins, pin the braid to the top of your head.
Step 10: Pin the other braid to your hair also using large bobby pins. To make the braid stay in place better, criss-cross the bobby pins so they form an "X".
Step 11: Customize your fresh or artificial flowers so they fit inside of the braids. If you plan to move around a lot, artificial flowers with wire-based stems are best.
Step 12: Carefully insert the flowers into the braids.
Voilá! Looking gorgeous, you are all set for a night out on the town!

What Halloween costume will you be wearing? Will you be honoring one of the cultures that are represented in Miami? Which? What hair style will you be sporting with your costume? What is your must-have product for achieving the perfect Halloween look? Have you tried Dove Pure Care Dry Oil? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami! Don't forget to use tag your comments and photos with #MujerDove!

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