Friday, December 5, 2014

#ThankYouMiami for Parks, Gardens & Other Natural Attractions

If the overwhelming traffic hasn't been sufficient indication, let this serve as your official notice that Miami tourism season is upon us. Season means enduring an extra long commute, pushing through an overstuffed social calendar, and playing host to a flurry of visitors. Who can blame our friends and family for wanting to visit our beautiful city? We don't - but we do stress at the thought of entertaining. Despite our insider knowledge, it seems every time we have to play host we come up blank with what to do, where to go, what to see in Miami.

To help us all get through another season, each Friday in December we'll be sharing one favorite Miami travel resource. We hope these visitor tools and lists help you develop exciting itineraries for your guests when you need a little push to get started. This week, we kick-start this effort with a compilation of Miami's best parks, gardens, and other natural attractions that we prepared for the Greater Miami and the Beaches Convention and Visitors Bureau. Read the excerpt below and click on the image for the full feature. Don't forget to check in next Friday for more Miami travel tips!

What is your favorite park or garden in Miami? Is there are a place you would have liked to see on this list? What is your go-to resource for showing off our beautiful city? Is there a guide or list of attractions that you would like to see? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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