Monday, January 19, 2015

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Spray Tanning Like A Local

In Miami, we get by with a little help from our friends and, when it comes to looking perfect year-round, those friends include spray tanning professionals. Even though Miami is known for its sunshine, sometimes us locals don't have time to go outside or we've been vacationing in less sunny pastures. Whatever the excuse, spray tanning is a Miami local's best friend. There is nothing worse than saying you're from Miami and getting a "but I thought people from Miami are supposed to be tan!?"

Lucky for us, Miami is replete with spray tanning gurus. Most recently, we were clued into Spray Nation Tan, a previously mobile spray tanning service that recently laid down its roots in Miami Beach. Owner Mariana is both the brains and the talent behind the operation. Not only is she a pro at applying the organic spray tanning formula she uses, but she is also friendly and relatable, making the experience comfortable and fun. We left our last appointment smiling and looking like a bronze goddess.

Spray tanning like a Miami local requires some research. For you, that research starts and ends with this post (you're welcome). We've already shared where you should go, but here are six "do's and don'ts" that will make your appointment go smoothly and that will ensure you get the most out of your tan.

DO: exfoliate before your appointment. By removing dead skin cells, you allow the solution to adhere to new skin and expands the life of your tan.

DO: wax a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment. Waxing leaves wax and lotion residue on your skin that will prevent the tan from working properly in waxed areas. If you shave, do so before your appointment to prevent scrapping off newly tanned cells.

DO: wear loose and dark clothing to your appointment. Loose clothing prevents friction with newly tanned areas preventing an unevenly tanned appearance. Even though the Spray Nation Tan's solution washes easily off clothes, dark clothing is less likely to show any stains that do occur and gives you peace of mind. Bonus Tip: If you forget flip flops, you can purchase Havaianas next door at Bikini Brasil.

DON'T: wear green the day after your appointment. Although Spray Nation Tan gives you a natural glow, there is a social stigma associated with spray tanning perpetuated by shows like the Jersey Shore. You do not want to give your co-workers, friends or family a reason to make oompa loompa references.

DON'T: spray tan for the first time before a big event. As a novice, it will take some time to get used to your new look and to the minimal maintenance required to keep the tan looking fabulous. Avoid potential snafus by doing a test run a month in advance.

DON'T: forget to moisture twice a day. Speaking of maintenance, moisturizing is the key to making your tan look as even and last as long as possible. If you can't commit to twice a day, once a day is a good place to start.

Have you tried spray tanning before? What did you think? Where did you go? What other tips do you have for someone who is looking to try spray tanning for the first time? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami! 

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  1. Great Tips you have shared. I think we should care before and after spray tan for better results. Thank you.
    Regards - Brazil Bronze


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