Friday, January 30, 2015

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Super Bowl-ing Like A South Beach Local

We are not sports people. For us, Super Bowl Sunday means relaxing all day on the beach. Nevertheless, every year around 6:30 p.m. we realize all our friends are otherwise engaged with the big game and that there is nothing else to do so, at the very last minute, we begin frantically searching for a place to join the screaming crowds. Whether you are like us or you are a die-hard football fan who needs help finding those "SO Miami" places to watch the big game - we have you covered. Here are five spots for Super Bowl-ing like a South Beach local. You're welcome, Miami.

1. Burger and Beer Joint
1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach

This favorite Miami Beach bar is a go-to for the local sport aficionado's go-to thanks to their 360-degree views of flat screen TVs in their upstairs bar. Plus, their incredible burger, wing, and beer selection are the perfect accompaniment to the action. Whether you want to celebrate your team or eat your feelings, signature dishes like the Wagyu Beef Burger and the Duck Fat Fries are there for you.

2. Yard House
1681 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach

Yard House is the perfect place for both serious football fans and people like us that just want in on the action. The bar grants prime access to a series of flat screen TVs as well as the extensive beer selection for which Yard House is known. If the game gets boring, challenge your friends to select what they want to eat from their incredibly varied menu. Have fun watching them frantically try to decide between asian, burgers, pizza or tacos.

3. Playwright Irish Pub
1265 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

We like Playwright because it is one of the few Irish pubs in South Beach. It is a great option for watching the Super Bowl because they have three HD projection screens and 20-plus flat screen TVs. And, if you get hungry, you can go the traditional route with buffalo wings or talk football strategy over mussels and clams hot pot.

4. HaVen Gastro-Lounge
1237 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

HaVen is known for its digital screens that wrap around the inside walls of the venue. If that does not make them the ideal place to watch any major sports game, then we do not know what is. Stop by starting at 4 p.m. for the full HD-live broadcast and stay for the gastropub menu. What is more South Beach than drinking a lychee jalapeƱo martini and noshing on tater tots covered in goat cheese, sriracha, and balsamic?

5. Ted's Hideaway
124 2nd Street, Miami Beach

This hole-in-the-wall is a local favorite regardless of what is going on. If you are looking to share your Super Bowl experience with an eclectic South Beach crowd, Ted's is the place. Their TVs are small, but they make up for them with their interesting ambiance. If all else fails, they are a stone's throw away from Big Pink where you will find that $11 bucket of buffalo wings you have been craving.

Where do you watch the Super Bowl? Where is your favorite South Beach spot to watch the Super Bowl? If you are not a football fan, what do you do during the Super Bowl? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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