Friday, March 27, 2015

#ThankYouMiami for Authentic Miami Gifts

Whether you're a Miami resident or you're in Miami on vacation, you are one lucky son of a gun. Everyone you know is peppered around the globe in a place that is likely boring and/or freezing and here you are in our sunny shores having the time of you life. So, when it comes time to go home or to visit your friends abroad, it is only fair that you come home with amazing gifts that give your friends a taste of paradise.

If the word souvenirs immediately made you think of neon "I'm in Miami B..." t-shirts and other tacky gifts, you're not alone. On the surface, Miami souvenirs are cheap, tasteless, and covered in neon. But, if you put some brain power into it, you will find authentic Miami souvenirs that don't suck. We shared four of our favorites with Localeur. Read the excerpt below and click on the photo for the full feature.

Which of the four places will you visit next time you need a Miami souvenir? What place that was not mentioned do you like to visit for Miami keepsakes? What do you get there? What other recommendations would you like us to share through Localeur? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!


  1. Nice Blog ...Awesome Pictures. I visited Miami with a German-speaking tour guide with an individual tour in a private atmosphere.Saw the Art Deco district in South Beach and the financial center of the city.Felt the pulsating life in Little Havana.

  2. Returning to the example of one's brother-in law, let it be assumed that a new set of golf clubs and an expensive fountain pen with a leather case is entirely out of one's

  3. To increase one's debt in order to compete with others, or create an extravagant impression is not only ridiculous, but also makes the giving of the gift actually an unpleasant experience from start to finish and beyond.kidzgifts

  4. Any present you purchase should be special but material gifts lack opulence and lavishness. A new shirt or pair of pants is not special but rather boring and practical.

  5. I love a tacky souvenir. Miami is definitely on my list of places to visit.
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