Wednesday, May 20, 2015

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Get Your Bikini Body Back with Davidson's Eggs

Last week we joined a dozen food bloggers and experts at the Biltmore Culinary Academy kitchens for an egg focused cooking class with celebrity chef Brooke Williamson. Chef Brooke is best known for being the Top Chef: Seattle runner-up, competing and winning Knife Fight, and for being the youngest female chef to cook at the James Beard house. In addition to her professional accolades, she’s an egg magician. In just two hours, she took eggs from breakfast blah to an all-dish staple AND she kept us from burning down the Biltmore Hotel. Has there ever been a more accomplished woman?

At the “Egg Mixer”, which you can relive through our photos below, Chef Brook used Davidson’s eggs to whip up an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and cocktail. All four dishes were delicious and relatively simple to cook. But, while we enjoyed the eating part the best, the preparation process was priceless because Chef Brooke revealed three tips for cooking eggs that vastly improve their taste, texture, and ease of use.

Eggs are a healthy protein that can be used as the foundation for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Knowing how to cook them properly and make them taste more delicious is Step One to getting back your bikini body. So if you are not currently cooking your eggs the Chef Brook way, you’re doing it wrong. Read and learn.

Tip 1: Use a pushpin to poke a hole on the top of your egg before soft or hard-boiling it. The teeny tiny hole allows the air inside to escape slowly during the cooking process, which prevents the egg from cracking when it hits the water, makes it easier to peel after cooking, and allows it to take a more even shape. Don’t worry if a little egg white escapes at first – the egg will cook quickly and plug the hole, limiting further leakage.

Tip 2: Once boiled, use a flat surface to crack the shell rather than the side of a bowl. This method will create a more even crack and prevent any shell from entering your food. Eggshells are one of the dirtiest parts of the egg so this cracking method keeps your cooking process much more sanitary.

Tip 3: Cook with safe eggs like Davidson eggs. Safe eggs are pasteurized to reduce the risk for salmonella so you don’t have to overcook them “just to be sure”. Plus, you can use them raw or undercooked in recipes without any concerns. During our class, we tasted the difference between a perfectly cooked egg and the rubbery overcooked eggs we’ve been eating for breakfast all our lives. Now that we’ve tasted egg heaven, we’re never going back and you shouldn’t either. Trust.


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