Monday, August 10, 2015

#ThankYouMiami for Bikini-Friendly Snacks - G.H. Cretors Giveaway

Another week, another bikini-body secret revealed AND another giveaway. How lucky are you? Today we're talking popcorn, the perfect snack. Specifically we're talking about G.H. Cretors popcorn because their family has been perfecting the art of making popcorn since the 1800s and has their products in almost every Whole Foods, Publix, Winn Dixie, etc. from South Miami to North Miami Beach.

We are avid snackers - as in, people constantly remark how we're never not eating every time they pass by our office - and we're proud of it. After all, isn't the secret to a speedy metabolism to eat throughout the day? Our problem is that we also tend to favor the high everything (calories, sugar, fat) snacks such as cheese. Popcorn is the one snack we can depend on throughout the day that tastes good, won't eat up our daily calorie intake, and is filling. Plus, it has the benefit of coming in different flavors to fit our various cravings, sweet or salty.

Out of the billion and one popcorn brands, G.H. Cretors stands out because of their flavor variety. Their popcorn comes in (from healthiest to most indulgent): Simply Salted, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Just The Cheese Corn, Chicago Mix, and Just The Caramel Corn. If you're on the fence about which one to try first, you can follow our lead and start with the sampler pack which has them all. We've been eating our way through one for the past few weeks and found that there's a perfect situation for each flavor.  For example, Simply Salted and EVOO are best for the beach when you're in a bikini and super conscious of your body. On the other hand, the Chicago Mix is best for midnight snacking in sweats because it has both salty (cheese) and sweet (caramel) flavored popcorn so you alternate between them without leaving the couch. The Just The Cheese Popcorn? Well, we're cheese lovers so it's always a good time for that one.

As avid popcorn eaters - nay, popcorn snobs - we are very particular about our popcorn, but G.H. Cretors passed our taste test. They do some of their flavors differently than other brands, especially the cheese, so we recommend starting with the sampler pack to determine which kind(s) you like best. Lucky for you, a sampler pack is what's on the menu for today's giveaway so don't forget to enter below. Happy snacking!

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What is your favorite snack? What is your favorite popcorn flavor? What is your favorite brand of popcorn? Have you tried G.H. Cretors popcorn? Which flavor did you like best? Why do you want to win the sampler pack? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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  1. I love buttered popcorn and I want to win because...who doesn't love free popcorn :)


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