Sunday, August 2, 2015

#ThankYouMiamiGoesToNewYork - Our Windham Summer As Memorialized by Music

Have you ever been listening to music and thought "this song is the perfect soundtrack for this moment"? We have and it gives us chills. Ever since we were teens, we've dreamt of curating the soundtrack to a movie - the way Zach Braff created magic in Garden State and Hans Zimmer did in the Gladiator (and all the other movies he's scored for that matter). We're suckers for accompanying an experience with a song that properly conveys or heightens our emotions and, during our summer trip to Windham, New York, jazz vocalist Kat Reinhert's album "Spark" did just that.

Every trip to Windham that we can squeeze in is a blessing. As you may remember from our Windham story, our family's house is up for sale so after our winter trip we did not know if we would be able to visit again. Nevertheless, a summer trip was in the cards for us this year so last month we embarked on the three hour trip from Long Island to Windham.

Most people do not think to visit a ski town during Summer. After all, there is no snow for skiing so what is there to do, right? Well, we've learned that it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the pace of the country life, to wake up late, to fish, to eat long lunches outdoors, and to take afternoon naps on the grass. It is a ready-made haven from the demands of our usual routines.

The instrumentals of Kat's "Heavy" tell the story of our days in Windham: slow and soothing. Her lyrics were cathartic just like country life. As if in a montage, we spent many moments lying by the lake, watching the breeze blow through the cattails and listening to her croon about "peace of mind" and "practicing patience with our hearts". The setting put us in the perfect state of mind to reevaluate our priorities and our goals - a privilege we don't usually get in Miami.

On the car ride back, we played the first track, "Walk Into The Rain", on loop. It is the type of song we envision during the moving scene of a coming-of-age movie, where the protagonist stares wistfully out the backseat window during a sunset or rain storm. For Kat, the song reflects on her divorce and the tough times she sees ahead. For us, it reflects on the bittersweet moment of an unforgettable visit to Windham that may never repeat.

The good news is that in Kat's "Spark" album we've found a way to memorialize the poignant yet hopeful experience that our time in Windham has come to represent - and from a University of Miami teacher, nonetheless. The album is set for release on August 21, but if you want to catch a glimpse of our countryside travels before then you can stream "Spark" on Soundcloud. Just close your eyes and let your imagination take you to Windham. Safe travels! P.S. In addition to "Walk Into The Rain" and "Heavy", we recommend "Prison" and "Without A Fight".

A typical Windham breakfast: bagel with lox, lox cream cheese, tomato, onion, and capers.

Casting in the neighbor's lake.

A late lunch with family and a stunning view.

A mixture of being passed out and fishing because everything is fair game on vacation.

A homemade watermelon and tequila cocktail. We broadcasted the whole process on our Periscope (@ThankYouMiami). Did you watch it live? You can still catch the hilarious replay.

Farm stores are a staple of country life and one of our absolute favorite destinations while at Windham for their food, nicknacks, and their flowers.

As we were saying...

Have you ever listened to a song that was the perfect fit for a moment? Which song? Which moment? Which is your favorite song from "Spark"? What is your favorite album right now? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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