Friday, October 30, 2015

#ThankYouMiami for Stone Crab Season

Stone crab season is officially here and no one’s better at kicking it off Miami style like the South Beach Seafood Festival. If you missed out on last week’s shenanigans, worry not! As we mentioned earlier, the South Beach Seafood Festival is just the beginning of a glorious time in Miami. Plus,  today we’re sharing the mouth-watering scoop on everything you missed.

Leading up to the main event, the South Beach Seafood Festival crew jam-packed sneak peeks–or as we like to call them, “teasers”–of what was in store for us. (We’re talking about the Chef Showdown preview at the Dream Hotel rooftop and the delicious lunch we enjoyed at Poseidon Miami.) Despite all of our pre-festival exposure, nothing could have prepared us for the nerve-wracking suspense of Friday’s sizzling Chef Showdown battles during which we were given six poker chips to nominate the participating restaurants in several categories. You may think that sounds simple, but it was tough work finding the best route between the twelve Miami restaurants, the cocktail bars, the Heineken-infused beers, and the cook-off challenges (the struggle, we know). Never mind the big responsibility of deciding which chef should take home the gold when each bite tasted so much better than the last. Thankfully, after a round of seconds (just to be sure…), we were able to cast our votes and celebrate with the winning restaurants who rejoiced in the titles they will hold until next year’s festival. In retrospect, we were the real winners because we went home with the heaviest bellies. 

On the day of the actual festival, we strapped on our eating pants again and got to work. We spent the entire day eating seafood in every shape and form imaginable,  jotting down our favorites in a to-do list we’re looking forward to tackling in the coming months. Our absolute favorite part of the festival was the fact that most of the items were being cooked to order and served straight off the grill. Like a day well spent at an amusement park, every bite was well-worth the wait. We’re excited to make the most out of the next couple months of stone crab season, but a part of us is ready for next year’s kick-off so we can do it all over again!

Did you make it to this year’s South Beach Seafood Festival? What was your favorite event? What was your favorite restaurant of the Chef Showdown? Of the Festival? What restaurant did you discover at the Festival?


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