Friday, November 27, 2015

#ThankYouMiami How-To: DIY Cucumber Shot Glasses

Full disclosure: we suck at DIY. We rarely get the motivation to make something ourselves we can buy online or pick up at a store. The few DIY projects we have attempted in the past have been either cast aside unfinished or have ended in fiasco. But, there is something about being bombarded all day with DIY videos by Buzzfeed and company that makes you think "That looks easy! I can make that!"

The tutorial video that inspired this post showed up on our newsfeed at the right time. For weeks we had been desperately waiting for the perfect occasion to pop open our unopened bottle of Rolling Stones Jose Cuervo (the bottle commemorating the Rolling Stones' historic, Jose Cuervo-fueled 1972 North American tour.)  It is a testament to our creativity—and perhaps our desperation—that we made this video that occasion. After all, the instructions were for transforming cucumbers into Mexican snack cups, not tequila shot glasses.

Whatever you choose to fill them up with (we're partial to using Cuervo), this is an easy and fun Sunday Funday activity to try with friends. We'll leave you with the original video for instructions because our DIY-ing should definitely not be emulated. But we'll also leave you with the photos from our attempt as encouragement to those of you who are also not good at DIY. If all else fails, do as we would have done: eat the ingredients and make yourself one of these Cuervo + Rolling Stones inspired cocktails.


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