Friday, November 20, 2015

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Spending One Day in Key Largo

Ever have a day when you wake up wanting to go somewhere—explore a different setting—but you can't come up with where to go? Or worse, you come up with a destination (for us it's Bali or Japan), but it is not realistic or feasible, at least not immediately? Those are the days we end up sulking around, talking about what we would do if teleporting was a "thing" or if we had a private jet, and end up doing absolutely nada

For our collective sakes, we present to you a one-day itinerary to Key Largo that our contributor Brad Wells put together for Localeur. Next time you find yourself in the aforementioned wanderlust conundrum remember we have a lot of beautiful places to discover or re-discover within short distance from Miami. Key Largo is only one of at least three easily-reachable road trip destinations we've amassed in our arsenal of affordable, spur-of-the-moment getaways. Brad's recommendation is here to remind you of the four worthwhile places you've been missing (or that have been missing you since your last visit) down south.

Have you been to Key Largo? What are some of your must-visit Key Largo spots? What is your favorite road trip destination from Miami? Why? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!


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