Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#ThankYouMiami for Coffee Buns in Miami Beach

This post will be short and sweet because sometimes a photo is the best way to introduce someone to food. (After all, you first eat with your eyes.) Today we're introducing you to the coffee bun and our favorite place to get it: O' My Buns in Miami Beach. If you've ever traveled to Asia, you already know about the coffee bun. The fluffy, baked pastry is so popular there—like donuts are for Americans—O' My Buns has opened 7,000 stores in the continent to date.

The company's expansion to the U.S. is in its infancy with only 12 stores sprinkled across states like California, Hawaii, Arizona, Michigan and, of course, Florida. In fact, the Miami Beach location which opened a few weeks before Thanksgiving is the very first one in our state (you know, because we're trailblazers...and because the brother duo that owns our local store loves Miami's weather and people). The U.S. stores offer the original Asian coffee buns along with unique flavors and toppings adapted to our creative American palates. The Miami location is taking this creativity one step further and bringing us seasonal flavors (think pumpkin buns for fall), experimenting with ice cream filling, and giving the buns other twists unique to the Miami. Make sure you keep an eye for more details on our social channels!

Our local O' My Buns team is awesome. They are super friendly and extremely amped about bringing delicious buns to the Miami market. Since our first visit, they've joined our shortlist for morning breakfast runs especially because their menu is so affordable and they offer a local discount. Beyond the buns, they have a wide selection of smoothies, fresh-brewed tea (they brew each pot individually, using tea leaves), and coffee priced between $2-$5. Our go-to combo is espresso and an original coffee bun drizzled with chocolate and sliced almonds. If you want to start your morning or end your day in absolute heaven, stop by O' My Buns—they're across from Chalan on 15 Street—next time you're in South Beach.

Have you tried coffee buns before? What flavor(s) did you have? Where did you try them? What did you think? Have you visited the new O' My Buns in Miami Beach? What did you think? What menu item did you like best? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!


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