Saturday, December 26, 2015

#ThankYouMiami for COYO Taco's Arrival to South Beach

COYO Taco is a blessing for Miami Mexicans. We’re not saying that because it’s the most authentic Mexican restaurant in Miami—because it’s not—but because it’s the most well-suited Mexican restaurant for Miami. COYO’s atmosphere, décor, and menu work cohesively to deliver a concept that is not only perfectly Mexican, but also uniquely Miami. For Mexican-born Miamians like us, COYO is our alma gemela, or “twin soul”.

It all starts with COYO’s “So Miami” vibe. The restaurant has achieved the type of on point 305 ambiance that transitions well between lunch, dinner, and late-night, allowing us to cure a taco craving any time of day. COYO’s décor delivers a fun Mexican theme without feeling kitschy (more San Miguel de Allende Mexico, less Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion), which comes across as welcoming, not overwhelming. More importantly, the food is delicious. COYO’s menu consists of traditional Mexican dishes that have been uniquely adapted to the Miami palate. (For instance, COYO’s Nopal Taco uses quinoa to tame the cactus’ less familiar flavor and texture, which is accentuated in the original Mexican recipe.)

Save for the pricing—which can be steeper than other taco spots around Miami—our only complaint is COYO’s Wynwood location. It is no secret that we rarely leave Miami Beach so schlepping across the bridge for tacos is not our favorito, even to Wynwood. You know what is our favorite? COYO’s new pop-up digs at The Shore Club because it allows us to get our COYO without leaving the island. In addition to being closer to us, the Miami Beach location is bigger (read, has more seating), has dope decorations, and even has a lobster taco not on the Wynwood menu.

The arrival of COYO to South Beach is a blessing multiplied by the hundreds—a Christmas miracle, if you will. Before the holidays, we had finished exploring the hot, new openings of the season and our outings had fallen back into their old routine of alternating between our favorite South Beach haunts. We’re excited that COYO is breathing some excitement back into our lives and adding some new blood into our rotation in the new year. We can’t wait to have more reasons to say #ThankYouMiami for COYO Taco.

Have you tried COYO Taco? What did you think? What was your favorite dish? Have you visited their new South Beach location? Which location do you like best? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!


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