Thursday, December 3, 2015

#ThankYouMiami for New Restaurants - Tuscan Way

To the unexplored Miami-an, North Bay Village is the no man's land between Miami Beach and the mainland. To the seasoned local, it is the land of Shuckers and the Japanese Market (yes, the one with all the strict rules) that serves Miami's best sushi. This fall, thanks to the arrival of Tuscan Way Restaurant, North Bay Village has also become our favorite spot to get authentic, delicious Italian food.

If the name Tuscan Way rings a bell, it's because the Italian owners of the restaurant started their business as a travel company that organizes culinary-based trips to their properties in Tuscany, Italy. Their model is focused on providing their guests with local experiences in the area, such as home cooked meals and winery tours. They recently opened up their first restaurant in North Bay Village as a way of bringing the magic of Tuscany to Miami for those who cannot make the trek to Italy. So, the Tuscan Way team hired an Italian chef and imported Italian products (think, limoncello and Mediterranean seafood) to bring authenticity to the restaurant experience.

The restaurant's location is its first strong point. It is located on the water along a hidden, private marina that we did not realize existed until our visit. The interior builds on the restaurant's waterfront location with marine-inspired décor, including an impressive fish tank and a boat pillar in the center of the dining room. Other critical attributes include its friendly, attentive staff, its delicious food, and its reasonable pricing. Tuscan Way Restaurant is only steps from Miami Beach, but it is worlds away in terms of service, quality and prices.

We are super excited to see a new favorite pop-up in one of our scantily visited areas of Miami—particularly as the Beach starts to get more crowded for tourist season. We look forward to watching this hidden gem grow into one of Miami's go-to destinations for good food, good service, and good prices in the years to come. We are particularly excited about their future plans to serve brunch and to offer cooking classes with Italian chefs. Lord knows their food is delicious (see photos below). Plus, we could use a break from Miami Beach every once in a while.


Bruschetta di Melanzane (Eggplant bruschetta)

Carpaccio di Salmone (Salmon carpaccio)

Mozzarella Milanese (Fried mozzarella in marinara sauce)

Filetto di Manzo (Filet mignon in a wine and mushroom sauce)

Pollo alla Valdostana (Chicken with prosciutto, asiago cheese and light cream with roasted potatoes)

Salmone in Crosta (Crusted salmon)

Panna cotta


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