Monday, January 11, 2016

#ThankYouMiami for a VIP Movie Theater in Miami

We're not movie theater people. There's something about cozying up in bed in our favorite sweats surrounded by pillows and a warm cozy blanket that outweighs the perks of seeing a movie on the big screen. The only time we'll go out to see a movie is at iPic Theaters in a Premium Plus seat because it includes our very own reserved, extra comfortable reclining seat, blankets, pillows, a bag of popcorn, and in-seat waiter service throughout the movie. It's as comfy as watching a movie at home but with delicious gourmet food and drinks at one push of a button. In fact, it's like having our own home movie theater with a chef, mixologist, and butler on standby (but at only $18 per ticket we don't have to worry about winning the Powerball jackpot to afford it).

Now that iPic Theaters has opened their first location in Miami, the movie theater is our favorite place in the 305 to get the VIP treatment—and, in the land of VIP this and VIP that, that's saying something. The Miami iPic is nestled in North Miami Beach's Intracoastal Mall and features special "So Miami" touches unique to our location, such as local craft beers and handcrafted mojitos. "Mojitos are the croissants of the cocktail world," says iPic Entertainment Mixologist Adam Seger at a press preview. "A mojito made with love and fresh ingredients is super refreshing." You can tell the mojitos at iPic are made with both, the latter of which is confirmed by the guarapo or sugarcane juicing machine visible in the bar on the way into the theater. The best part about the iPic mojito is that you don't have to worry about your date finding mint in your teeth after the movie because the fresh mint is frozen with liquid nitrogen so it can be muddled into microscopic bits.

Check out the photos below to see why being an iPic Theaters member, like us, is whatcha want. The basic or Purple membership doesn't cost anything, but there are paid membership options if you want access to more perks. For example, at $29 per month the next level or Sapphire membership gets you exclusive 24-hour, 72-hour, or advance access to tickets for new releases before they go on sale which is super valuable because, unlike traditional theaters, most movies at iPic sell out weeks in advance.

Have you been to iPic Theaters? Which one? What movie did you see? What was your favorite part of the iPic experience? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!



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