Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#ThankYouMiami for New Hangouts - The Tuck Room

Since the Venetian has been under construction, we have been avoiding the mainland like the plague—that is, until iPic Theaters and conjoined restaurant, The Tuck Room, opened up in North Miami Beach. (Let the record show that by "North Miami Beach" we mean the City of North Miami Beach, not Miami Beach's "North Beach" neighborhood.) Thanks to the re-directed traffic and other on-going construction, it can take up to 45 minutes to reach the Julia Tuttle and the MacArthur bridges from within the island. We're essentially trapped by traffic in South Beach. The benefit of iPic and The Tuck Room is that they're located in the new Intracoastal Mall, only one bridge west of Sunny Isles Beach. Technically, the Intracoastal Mall is the mainland but it is so close to the barrier islands that you can by-pass most traffic by taking A1A North all the way there. A traffic-free, stress-free outing in Miami? #winning!

We've already told you about the comfy and delicious iPic Theaters experience, but we yet hadn't had the chance to share with you the goodness that awaits next door in The Tuck Room. The Tuck Room is a magical land of food and drinks where the complimentary bar bites are comprised of liquid nitrogen popcorn that is as interesting to eat as to watch someone eat it. The à la carte appetizers vary greatly in origin—you can order a spicy tuna hand roll followed by some papas bravas—but they are similar in that each is our favorite dish from each type of cuisine represented in the menu.

By far the best part of The Tuck Room is the creativity behind their cocktail program. What else would you expect from a spot that has Adam Seger, dubbed the "A-List Mixologist" by Haute Living, as their Master Mixologist? There is an infinite number of drink possibilities, all fresh and easily customizable to impress even the most particular of cocktail afficionados. (We're talking about people like our Mother In Law who usually gets blank stares when she asksd for her scotch old fashioned with water instead of seltzer and splenda instead of sugar.) Plus, there are surprise elements you won't find anywhere else in Miami like a one-of-a-kind guarapo machine (that makes sugar cane juice for some of the best mojitos we've had), liquid nitrogen bottle service, and hand-crafted cocktails bottled just for you. If The Tuck Room's accesibility and delicious food still have you on the fence, their "garden-to-glass" cocktail program alone is worth the visit. Alas, a new hangout has officially made it onto our social repertoire.

Have you been to the new iPic Theater in North Miami Beach? To The Tuck Room? What did you like best about your visit? What food would you recommend? What drinks should we try next time we're there? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!


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