Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#ThankYouMiami Answers 10 Miami Questions with Borrowed & Blue

Can you believe we’ve been saying #ThankYouMiami for more than five years? We can’t either! As a fun way of looking at our past, present and future, we let Borrowed & Blue, the online resource for planning Miami weddings, ask us 10 questions about the #ThankYouMiami movement and life in Miami. Esperamos que lo disfruten.

“#ThankYouMiami is the ultimate guide for where to eat, drink, and hang out in the Magic City. Margarita, Brad, and Celeste are locals who know all about the ups and downs of living in a major tourist mecca. They write about the week’s events, share awesome resources for how to get around in Miami, and offer neighborhood-by-neighborhood rundowns of what makes each area distinct. Borrowed & Blue readers, whether they’re Miami locals or tourists themselves, are going to love getting to know the city better through the eyes of savvy locals. I’m so grateful that Margarita was able to answer my questions about all things Magic City.” - Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s Miami Market Specialist
1. How did #ThankYouMiami come to exist?
#ThankYouMiami was born from the realization that locals, distracted by the daily annoyances of city life in a tourist destination, often take Miami for granted. Yes, we are blessed by a gorgeous setting, surrounded by talented people, and exposed to unique opportunities—but, after living here for some time, we get accustomed to these perks and they start to seem less special. Not to mention, they are often overshadowed by the trade-offs that come with living in such a popular destination. We created #ThankYouMiami to laugh and commiserate about those things that drive us mad about Miami life and to remind locals that the good of Miami far outweighs the bad. On our blog and our social media channels, we help Miami enthusiast discover the city and thank it for the joy it brings us.

2. What sets Miami apart from other places you’ve lived or visited?
Miami is a place where you can be whoever you want to be, no judgements. As we recently said, Miami let’s you do you boo boo. And, few other places are magical like that...

3. As a Miami expert, what are some of your favorite places to bring out-of-town guests?
Our favorite places to bring guests are all outdoors, like The Broken Shaker, Lagniappe, Monty’s Sunset, and the back terrace of Ball and Chain. After all, our beautiful year-round weather is the main reason why people love Miami.

4. Any great restaurants that you’d like to share with us?
Miami’s all about the hot restaurant du jour, which is great because we have continuous access to incredible culinary talent and cutting edge cuisine. While we love checking out what’s new in town, there’s something to be said about tried-and-true local establishments such as Hy Vong, Joe’s Take Away, Lung Yai Thai Tapas, and Toni’s Sushi.

5. Describe your ideal day in Miami.
Our perfect day starts with a run or bike ride along the beachwalk in Miami Beach. (There’s something to be said about getting some fresh air and our blood pumping.) Next, we would take a class at Green Monkey or FlyWheel in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbour neighborhood.

6. What is the must-explore neighborhood in Miami?
Miami’s Homestead neighborhood is approximately a one-hour drive from our downtown area and beaches, but it has a lot of classic Miami landmarks like Robert Is Here Fruit Stand with its mouthwatering milkshakes, the Redlands Farmer’s Market with its authentic Mexican food and products, and Knaus Berry Farm with its famous cinnamon rolls.

7. Where are you traveling to next?
Our next planned trip is a road trip throughout NorCal over the summer, but we suffer from constant wanderlust so we’re hoping we’ll get to go on an impromptu trip before then!

8. What countries are on your travel bucket list?
We want to go summer skiing in Chile, backpacking across Europe, scuba diving in Australia, and hiking in New Zealand.

9. What upcoming Miami events are you the most excited about?
Aside from the neighborhood events, which we love, we’re excited for the return of Miami Swim Week this summer. Because we can wear bikinis year-round, the designs that make their way down our runways are more important than those that make it down the runways in New York, Paris, and London. Plus, ‘tis the season for legendary pool parties.

10. Any advice for readers looking to vacation in Miami? How do we avoid acting like conspicuous tourists?
Make sure you leave our beaches as pristine as you found them. Don’t forget to press the pedestrian cross button so you’re not waiting indefinitely for the crosswalk signal to turn green. And, drive in the right lane if you want to slowly cruise through our streets and sightsee. Yes, you’re on vacation but the locals live, work, and play here and we depend on you to help us maintain our good quality of life.

We hope reading our answers was as fun for you as it was for us to reflect on each of these questions. Was there anything you want to know about us that we missed? Oh, and make sure you check out Borrowed & Blue, a great guide for finding Miami wedding venues!

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