Friday, April 8, 2016

#ThankYouMiami for Teamwork - Gyu-Kaku Brickell Blogger Grill-Off

Earlier this week #ThankYouMiami contributors Brad and Celeste stepped up on our behalf to battle four other Miami food blogging teams from Miami Food Pug, Mitch + Mel Take Miami, The South Florida Sage, and Foody Fetish at Gyu-Kaku Brickell. The twosome arrived with the mission to sample and document the uniquely interactive Japanese BBQ experience. Little did they know their meal would yield an unexpected lesson: the importance of teamwork. Yes, Brad and Celeste already know the value of teamwork through their respective roles in Alpha Current; however, they've never worked together in this capacity. I mean, food blogging is unexpectedly hard work (can't you see them almost breaking a sweat in that photo above?) especially while you're simultaneously managing a flaming fire pit and trying to cook your own food.

We're happy to report that Brad and Celeste came out of Gyu-Kaku alive, still friends, and pleasantly satisfied. In fact, the experience made them stronger and more in-sync as colleagues—at a minimum because they shared it together. We've included some of the fruits of their labor below for your viewing pleasure, along with a giveaway of a premium Gyu-Kaku meal for 2 people ($82 value) and 720ml bottle of Kurosawa Sake ($45) so you too can reap all the benefits from the Japanese BBQ experience at their Brickell location. (Pro tip: The interactive nature of Gyu-Kaku makes it the perfect setting for diffusing potentially awkward scenarios like a first date, a blind date, or dinner with a friend you haven't seen in a long time because the grill gives you something to do and/or talk about the entire meal.)

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  1. I will bring my boyfriend with me! It looks awesome.

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