Tuesday, August 16, 2016

#ThankYouMiami for These Four Beach Day Essentials

Almost one year ago to the day we imparted upon you our expert-level know-how on how to pack for the beach by breaking down the contents of our beach bag for an Atlantic Coast beach, a Gulf Coast beach, and a visit to the beach club. Well, in the nearly 365 days that have passed since, we have worked seriously on perfecting our beach bumming technique and felt it was an appropriate time to update you on four other essentials that have vastly improved our beach days this summer:

1. The Beach Tent
During a surf trip upcoast a few months ago, we went on a late night Walmart shopping spree—as we usually do when we spend the night in Melbourne Beach—and we found a lonely RIO portable sun shelter sitting on the shelf. Naturally we HAD to buy it (and Apples to Apples and a new purse and a new pair of flip flops and a new cooler and a new water bottle and every health magazine because Walmart). It has turned out to be one of our best impulse buys because it provides the shade we need to beat this heat without giving us anxiety that it is going to fly away any minute like the beach umbrella. Pro tip: if you're "set up" challenged, buy an easy to build option like the Cool Cabana. Either way make sure you're buying a tent made for the beach (unlike that one time we forgot our beach shelter and tried to replace it with a kid's camping tent which literally greenhoused us into near death).

2. The Melt-proof Cup
If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably seen that we don't go anywhere without our YETI 10 oz. and/or our 20 oz. Rambler. They are the most magical piece of drinkware we have ever owned and we only bought them because our friend Betsy raved about how hers would keep ice overnight. (Apparently keeping ice overnight is an impressive feat one must experience firsthand.) Now that we own two, we alternate them to keep our iced Panther Coffee latte cold all day during the work week and our tequila sodas iced for up to five hours during the hot weekend beach days. You need one, trust. And while you're at it splurge for the cover and the metal straws on Amazon, they make the YETI rambler experience substantially better.

3. The Waterproof BlueTooth Speaker
At the end of last year we won a huge beach day care package from the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau that included some really neat gear. We've given some away to our readers—we're even giving away the Coleman waterproof camera to non-profit Comunidad Connect—but we kept and have grown to love the waterproof and BlueTooth enabled ECOXGEAR EcoStone speaker. It is the best for jamming out to Pandora or our playlists at the beach. More surprisingly, it's made the post-beach de-sanding process particularly fun by letting us sing/dance for the hour we are forced to stay in the shower. (Why sand is so hard to get off from our skin we will never understand.)

4. The Beach-Inspired Scent
Particularly during this hot, hot summer we don't smell particularly delicious after we leave the beach pero sometimes we want to grab some food or hang out with friends. That said, we want to work with the beach look the warm sun and salty air have given us. What better way to complement them than a perfume that smells like the perfect Miami beach day? Akscent Perfumes' Crandon scent is our favorite because its coconut-meets-sandalwood-meets-citrus smell reminds us of the deliciously beachy odor reminiscent of the One Hotel and Standard Miami lobbies. Yes, we carry it in our beach bag but we've got a companion in our purse that we spray when the work week is bringing us down and we want to be temporarily transported to our happy place. Pro tip: With code SUMMERESCAPE16, you get a 10% discount!

What are some of your beach day essentials this summer? Are any of the items on our list on your must-have list? Which and why? Leave a comment or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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