Saturday, October 29, 2016

#ThankYouMiami For Brunch - Il Mulino New York

Brunch is the Miami-an's weekly ritual. It's basically our raison d'être. When a new brunch rolls around—an all-you-can-eat buffet with all the Sunday morning essentials—it's a cause worthy of celebration (with unlimited mimosas, of course). The Il Mulino New York Sunny Isles brunch is not new. However, as of a few weeks ago it includes unlimited mimosas, bloodys, mojitos and prosecco, meaning its new and improved and equally worthy of our undivided excitement. Today we're sharing with you the five reasons why it's watcha want:

1. It's the perfect excuse to visit Sunny Isles Beach.
Every Miami-an has their 'hood—their little Miami nook where they work, play, eat and sleep. It is commonly known that ours is Miami Beach. And, while we enjoy everything it has to offer, we aren't mad to find worthwhile reasons to explore beyond its action-packed seven-miles, like Il Mulino's quieter, equally scenic digs on the first floor of the Sunny Isles' Acqualina Resort and Spa. (That said, if you get trapped in high season traffic or you get the sweats leaving the Beach, Il Mulino South Beach has a daily happy hour from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. with $4 to $9 drink specials and $10 bar bites.)

2. It's one of a few waterfront dining restaurant options in Miami. 
We love the water but waterfront dining is surprisingly scarce in Miami. Il Mulino New York isn't just waterfront—it's oceanfront and it has killer views of Sunny Isles' white, sandy beaches and azure waters. If, like us, you want to bask in the scenery and in South Florida's gorgeous weather, snag a table outdoors. If A/C and live music are more your jam, the indoor tables are your best bet for enjoying the beautiful ocean vista.

3. Its menu includes everything you need, everything you want, and more.
At first glance, the buffet area seems small...until you start piling food on your plate. For the conscientious eaters, there's an omelet station and fruits, yogurts and granolas for parfaits. For the rest of us, there's everything from charcuterie and lox bagels to lobster tails and shrimp to steak and pasta to waffles, croissants and every kind of bread imaginable. During our visit last Sunday, we did two savory runs: one for appetizer-like fare (cheeses, prosciutto, crackers, etc.) and another for surf and turf and pasta. The must-have item of both plates was the tortellini alla panna off Il Mulino's dinner menu.

4. It includes all-you-can-eat ice cream.
We have been to many brunches in our young lives pero we have never, ever been to one that includes an ice cream bar like Il Mulino's. As hardcore ice cream aficionados we were pleasantly surprised to find a legit ice cream shop hidden on the way to our outdoor table. And, while we opted for a cappuccino and some macarons for our dessert, it did not escape us that having access to infinite ice cream means waffles à la mode, macaron ice cream sandwiches, and decadent ice cream cones. So much yes.

5. It increases your special occasion brunch options.
We've been pretty devoted to the Biltmore's brunch for Mothers Day, Easter Sunday, and other special occasions. While we'll never stop going there, we're excited to have a qualified brunch alternative to add to the rotation. After all, variety is the spice of life. Plus, the $65 per person price tag makes it a more affordable option overall. And have we mentioned its oceanfront?

In conclusion, you need Il Mulino's brunch. You're welcome, Miami.

We were invited to try the brunch menu by Il Mulino New York. However, all opinions expressed regarding our experience are our own.

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