Sunday, February 12, 2017

#ThankYouMiami Talks Valentine's Day & Treating Yourself

I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I see it as 24 hours of gauging how much another person loves you based on how much effort they put into impressing you with over-the-top gestures and expensive things. Maybe I am old fashioned when it comes to love, but I prefer to see it manifested in small, daily gestures (i.e., opening the car door) throughout the year. Similarly, I believe in treating myself regularly to show my mind, body and spirit appreciation for their hard work.

This year I have been kicking my own butt with ambitious career goals, a no-nonsense race training plan, and a hectic schedule. Besides running a bajillion miles a week, my periodic "me time" is what keeps me sane. On a macro scale I'm talking quarterly trips to the spa for massages and meditation, as well as seasonal vacations. But, again, it is the micro scale rituals that really matter in the long run. It's the joy I get from sipping my first cup of coffee of the day while reading the news. It's coming home and changing into comfy sweats. It's unwinding after a long day at the office with a glass of Cab and a bowl of popcorn (as inspired by my spirit animal, Olivia Pope, and as revolutionized by the incredible graphic from SkinnyPop below).

As Miami-ans, we thrive in the fast lane. And, while it's okay that we live there, we need to take short breaks every once in a while for a little TLC. Whether you relate to the happiness we get from our morning coffee or our after-work snack, these seemingly inconsequential rituals are the only way to make our "can't stop, won't stop" lifestyle sustainable—just like we need to keep the love alive with constant gestures year-round. Do you agree?

P.S. I never thought to pair Malbec with dark chocolate popcorn pero I'm really digging the idea. Which of the pairings below would you try?


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