Saturday, March 11, 2017

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Exploring Top Miami Snorkeling Spots with AdventureLinks

Two weeks ago, on a beautiful day like today, our contributor Celeste explored one of Miami's top snorkeling spots with AdventureLinks and members of the South Florida Bloggers community. It was an opportunity to kayak and snorkel in Biscayne Bay that, as a marine scientist and adventurer, I had a very difficult time delegating. Nevertheless my work takes precedence and, on that sunny Sunday, duty called. To add insult to injury, as I worked, I received a steady stream of stunning pics from Celeste featuring the bay's crystal blue waters and bright red and yellow kayaks patiently waiting (for me) on its shores.

"It was so much fun!," she texted once she was back on land. "It was the perfect day for a kayak trip, with low tide and clear water—basically the Bahamas in Miami. We saw tons of fish and a huge conch." Celeste used to work for Project Baseline, a grassroots environmental conservation initiative, testing water quality and tracking changes of the fossil reef at Key Biscayne over time. She couldn't contain her excitement that AdventureLinks recognizes it as a great place to snorkel in Miami and is educating people about it. "It's definitely one of my favorite local snorkeling spots," she concluded.

Celeste's photos from that day gave me major FOMO when I received them and are giving me major FOMO as I revisit them to write this post. And don't even get me started on the GoPro video... I mean, look at that warm sunshine, the clarity of the water, and the lush seagrass beds they kayak over.   I seriously can't even. It brings me back to marine biology field trips when I was a student at the University of Miami.

Biscayne Bay is one of Miami's most underrated assets. It is huge; it is teaming with resources; its ripe for exploring; and it is in our very own backyard. You and I have zero excuse not to make the most of it, to go paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling the every time it's 80-degrees with clear skies. AdventureLinks's 20-year insider know-how and their accessible launch location at Crandon Park Marina made Celeste's day on the water easy and fun. (P.S. If you have kids ages 7-17, they have a locally recognized summer camp program with a ton of outdoor activities and environmental education surrounding Biscayne Bay. You get 10% off registration with code "THANKYOU".)

You're welcome, Miami. And see you in the water!


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