Tuesday, March 28, 2017

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Preparing for Summer

Just like you can't lose those last 5lbs overnight, you can't get ready for summer overnight. It requires a lot of preparation—one season's worth, in fact. Last week's arrival of spring kicked my summer preparations into high gear. And, because I'm a good neighbor, I'm sharing how I'm getting a bikini body that is fit, hair-free, and radiant so you can too. You're welcome, Miami.

Fortunately, we have nearly perfect weather year-round. Unfortunately, unlike everywhere else in the world, we have to work year-round to maintain a bikini body. It's almost a residency requirement. That said, I am most diligent with my workout routine when it comes to Summer and this year is no different. Most of my fitness regimen currently consists of training for races, including this month's South Beach Triathlon and the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run. I have been breaking up my running with fun, social workouts like the grueling class my friends and I took last week at SoulCycle's South Beach studio. Not only does it increase my chances that I will work out (accountability, anyone?), but it also doubles as "friend" time.

I distinctly remember the first time I saw the dark underarms of a woman (a friend's mom) who had been shaving for several years. I gaped at her armpits, my 10-year-old mind unable to understand how they were hair-free but dark at the same time. On that day, I swore I would never shave...until I discovered the unbareable anxiety and incredible inconvenience that is waxing in my early teens. Since then, shaving has been my hair removal method of choice but I have always looked for something better. That something better is laser hair removal, specifically affordable and effective laser hair removal from West Kendall Aesthetic and Laser Center. (I discovered them through a Groupon deal and they are well-worth the trek.) Yes, it is incredibly painful but pain is temporary, hairlessness is forever. This month I am going for the fifth treatment sessions (for legs, underarms, and bikini) and am only having to shave once every three weeks.

Most people don't consider facials important, but I grew up in Boca so I do. I've been getting regular facials since I was a teenager. That is, until I moved to Miami, and discovered that our facials are nothing more than a glorified face massage. My skin has since been begging for a good skin overhaul—a treatment with extractions, hydrating masks, and purifying products—so my mom recommended I try Skin Apeel Day Spa when I visited her in Boca this past weekend. It was practically the fountain of youth. I left absolutely glowing and with a wealth of knowledge about how what we consume (eat, drink, smoke) literally comes out of our pores.

Getting ready for summer involves hard work, a little bit of mula, an occassional long drive, and/or a high tolerance for pain. But, nothing beats strutting onto the beach on the first day of summer looking like a million bucks. So go on with your fit, hair-free, radiant self.

How do you prepare for summer? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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