Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#ThankYouMiami for Random Acts of Genius


This is a short and sweet story about a random act of genius I experienced yesterday while shopping at the Ross on Miami Beach.

After waiting more than a half hour in an ultra long line—it wrapped around four times and spilled over next to the shoes section—I was super excited to pack my newly purchased home goods in the car and get home for dinner. I pushed my cart, piled high with fragile and bulky items, with conviction to get it through the door. Aaargh! The wheels on the cart locked. I jerked forward, the new glassware clanging ominously.

"El carrito no sale, mami," said a fellow shopper who was busy dragging her locked cart out of the way. Head hung low, I began the embarrassing dragging process towards a boneyard of other abandoned carts with locked wheels that were scattered near the exit. How am I going to get everything to the car? I thought to myself. How does anyone carry anything to their car from this store?

Slowly I unloaded my cart-load of items and placed them methodically on the floor, brainstorming: Maybe if I put them all in one bag I can carry them. Maybe if I drag the bags to my car. Maybe if I ask the security guard to watch half of my items. Maybe if I stack all the bags on my arms, carry the box of glassware and put the laundry hamper on my head I can make it in one trip.

I began methodically stacking the shopping bags on my arms, effectively cutting off circulation to my hands and marking my forearms with lines. (Anyone who lives in an apartment knows the struggle.) Nope, this is not going to work. Why didn't god give me more hands?! Frustrated I look around desperately. No one seems to notice or care about my dilemma.

Then, I spot it. A lonely, empty Publix shopping cart strategically placed outside Ross's door. Could it be? Will this work? I push it tentatively, praying that it will move smoothly. It does. Quickly, I commandeer the cart and stack it sky high with my loot. I make it to my car and triumphantly drive away, silently thanking the genius who's ingenuity—who's random act of genius made it all possible. Today, we say #ThankYouMiami for you. (P.S. I returned the cart back to its rightful place by the Ross exit to, you know, pay it forward.)

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