Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#ThankYouMiami Talks Spring Menus at the W South Beach

Last week W South Beach extended us an invitation to try their newly launched spring menus at Living Room and The Dutch. I've shared a few evenings over the quirky handcrafted cocktails at Living Room but I have never dined at The Dutch—I know, right?!—so I was super excited for both. Unfortunately, due to a last minute conflict, I wasn't able to go. Thankfully our fearless contributor Celeste stepped in on my behalf to experience the evening and recount it for you below. (For the record, cedeing the opportunity to eat artichoke ravioli was not an easy feat...)

I'm not one to brag but, man that evening was delicious. One word: WOW. I think I whispered that under my breath countless times after sipping on most of the drinks and pretty much after every bite of everything—literally everything. I can guarantee that if I'm ever feeling splurgy, I know the W Hotel is the place for quality comfort food anyone can enjoy.

Living Room
The drinks were AMAZING. I initially went for their gin Eden (London dry gin, lillet, crème de violette, elderflower liqueur, and fresh basil) because, as a Miami girl, I know what fruity cocktails taste like...or so I thought.

My rule of thumb: the prettier they are, the more sugar you can expect, but that wasn't the case at Living Room. In fact, I can finally say I've tasted what a proper poolside cocktail should taste like. Across the board, the drinks were refreshing, beautiful and potent without that "I think I'm drinking rubbing alcohol" taste. My absolute favorite was Rum with Me with its perfect balance of freshness, tart, and sweetness. 

The favorite runner-up? Tavarishch. I found it intimidating at first given that it comes with a slab of bacon laying on the surface of the glass. But, the bacon really just lent its scent as I sipped. It was a multisensory experience everyone needs to try at least once and that I need with every brunch for the rest of my life. (Sorry, bottomless mimosas.)

The Dutch
Margarita was right when she flagged the artichoke ravioli off the menu. It was hands down the best dish to land on our table all night. And that says something, because as an avid omnivore (leaning towards carnivore), I would infinitely choose a lobster or beef ravioli over a vegetarian option. This ravioli put every other ravioli I've had in my life to rest.

The tomato salad was also amazing. It is incredible what they were able to concoct with only tomatoes, basil seeds, cucumber, watermelon chunks, and feta. Although I doubt I could recreate that heavenly balsamic with my own hands. 

Trying the Anson Mills Gritz was like an eye-opening experience. I have never been the type to order grits anywhere. (I've always been underwhelmed by their pale, mushy appearance.) In fact, I unceremoniously plopped some on my plate and didn't bother taking a photo of them. By the time I realized how amazing they were the plate had circled too far away from me. Sorry, guys! Clearly I need to go back, you know, for the blog...

Living Room and The Dutch are both located in Miami Beach at the W South Beach (2201 Collins Avenue). Have you been? What did you like about Living Room? About The Dutch? Leave a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

Images via W South Beach and Noah Feck

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