Tuesday, August 22, 2017

#ThankYouMiami Fitness Picks: CycleBar Doral

There is this magical land that opened up earlier this year out west called CityPlace Doral and in this magical land is a brand spanking new cycling studio that you need to visit ASAP: CycleBar Doral. In fact, there couldn't be a better time to visit than right now while you need to burn the billion-and-one calorie prix-fixe menus you're annihilating courtesy of Miami Spice.

Like other cycling studios, the check-in process is straight forward. You check in on an iPad, confirm your bike number on another, and grab your shoes before heading to the locker area. The rest of the studio is Doral-level bougie. There's a snack bar with bananas, a fruit plate, and assorted nuts. There's also a machine with chilled and room temp agua which you can use to fill up your complimentary CycleBar water bottle. They also have a jar of no tangle hair ties which, if you're a girl or a guy with a man bun, you know is a godsend at an exercise studio.

The CycleTheater (read, studio) is HUGE and offers stadium seating so all riders can see their sexy selves in the mirror throughout the class. Each bike has a mini computer that keeps your stats. It was so high tech, I had to ask the stunning 40-year-old novela star on the bike next to me to turn it on for me. Turns out, all it takes is pressing the power button on the top right corner...

I took the 50-minute Sunday morning brunch ride with Martin, who was a cross between Antonio Banderas and Brad Pitt circa Burn After Reading. Martin only added to the Doral-ness of the experience with his thick Spanish accent and his intro question of, "Todos hablan espaƱol, ¿verdad?" And while Martin and I may have had our creative differences when it came to the ride, he was ultra energetic and helped me get in a solid sweat to kick-off my morning. I'm looking forward to stopping by and meeting the other instructors, specifically Akilah who's class came before us and ended with a round of mimosas (because Doral...).



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