Tuesday, August 1, 2017

#ThankYouMiami for Seasonal Seafood Specials - Summer Duos at Bonefish Grill

Earlier this year my dad suffered a serious health scare. I know it shouldn't work this way but when my parents told me about it, it made me realize I haven't been spending enough time with them. I probably saw them five times total last year. It's a bit ridiculous considering they live a mere one-hour drive away, in Boca. I mean, there are people who live within flight distance of their parents and probably visit them more frequently.

Since the "incident," both my parents and I have been putting forth a more meaningful effort to see each other. We've settled on a non-negotiable average of once a week, even if our schedules only allow for an hour of catching up at Starbucks. Together we've watched soccer games and Hallmark movies from their couch, explored Miami's cultural gems, moved me into my new apartment, and eaten our way through Boca and Miami.

This past weekend, our quality parent-daughter time took us to Bonefish Grill to sample their seasonal seafood specials. (Say that ten times fast!) You may remember that last October I treated mamá and faja to the Dine and Discover special, which they both loved and which faja has not stopped talking about. In fact, he asked me two weeks ago to go back. The new Summer Duos menu (available until September 4) gave me the perfect excuse to put another smile on his face.

My parents and I love Bonefish Grill because we're seafood people, but we're ballers on a budget. Their seafood is great quality—fresh, consistent, delicious—for a reasonable price. In the Summer Duos menu, for example, I was able to get both filet mignon and lobster for only $25.90 and they were both SO good. Think about the last time you got only filet mignon or just lobster. How much did it cost? I'm not a betting girl, but I will bet it was more than $25.

My dish was the most expensive seasonal special on the menu and I opened it up with a wedge salad. (Leave it to a Miami Beach girl, right?) Faja went a lighter route with a bowl of chowder and the fresh ceviche appetizer. On her end, mamá opted for the caribbean style dayboat scallops which were huge and super tender. Despite going in different directions, the three of us left stuffed and smiling. More importantly, our dinner provided the perfect setting for us to catch up before I left for my New York girl's weekend with Amber and for that I am extremely grateful.


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