Thursday, September 28, 2017

#ThankYouMiami How-To: Luxury Living with Sobe Villas

The Miami skyline is awe-inspiring in its colored beginnings—the high-rise condos that comprise it rose from the ashes of tumultuous times—and in its promise of a dream life. A Miami life is a good life. Nothing symbolizes our lifestyle quite like a luxury home with its clean lines, natural materials, and stunning views. Given how rapidly our city is developing and our high volume of seasonal residents, it is no surprise there are many properties that are sitting pretty amidst that skyline, waiting for us to capitalize on them and make them our bon vivant HQ.

Sobe Villas is the South Beach-based rental agency ready to make all of our luxury living dreams happen in the 305, whether you're a visitor looking for a taste of the Miami lifestyle or a local in need of a memorable staycation. They have access to a carefully curated inventory of Miami villa rentals and Miami condo rentals that look straight out of Ballers. I've flipped through the options and I've coveted them without abandon. I've even daydreamed what my time would look like in each one. After all, this is Miami so you've got to have a different luxury property for every occasion.

Below I share three of my favorite properties currently listed on Sobe Villas and my vision for relishing each one. Which of the three is your favorite? What other properties did you find listed that you would like to enjoy?

My 30th birthday, a momentous milestone for which I had lofty celebrations planned, was rudely interrupted by Hurricane Irma. Pre-storm, the theme for my birthday festivities was opulence. I'm talking a weekend-long fĂȘte replete with champagne, silk gowns, yachts, shiny things—the whole nine yards. This three-story penthouse that sits atop the sleek Ten Museum Park skyscraper would have been the perfect setting. It sleeps up to six people, which makes the $2,200-a-night price tag during season a more manageable expense. And, really, what is a penthouse if not a super extra setting to toast to life with your closest friends?

Post-Irma, my work days have been more hectic than I ever thought possible. The promise of a long weekend around Columbus Day is the only thing keeping me somewhat sane. The hope of a relaxing staycation in a cozy, serene setting like Villa Zen is the bright light that is going to get me to the end of the tunnel. While Villa Zen is not waterfront, the garden and outdoor pool more than make up for it by creating an ambiance reminiscent of the jungles in Bali, despite being nestled in Miami's Venetian Islands. I can imagine myself laying out in the sun with a good book during the day and cozying up for a late-night movie on the fluffy living room couch. Who's in?

Coincidentally, for this last property, I don't have to dream up a vision of what I would do here because I have visited as a guest of the owner. (I recognized the tell-tale clear wine wall that separates the kitchen from the living room and is home to several bottles of my favorite cabernet.) Like all Miami stories begin, a friend-of-a-friend invited me for a day out on his boat. Hanging out on the boat was a lot of fun—there are several blackmail-worthy videos of me dancing to Shakira's Chantaje like nobody is watching—but hanging out at Villa Nikei was the most memorable part of the day. We grilled by the pool, gossiped in the hot tub, and made plans to launch a podcast while we gazed at the glittering Miami skyline. I hope to be invited back soon as a guest but if I'm not, I'm glad that I have the option to make it happen of my own accord.

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