Monday, October 2, 2017

#ThankYouMiamiGoesToCA - Sister Roadtrip to Joshua Tree

Miami has many things but it severely lacks two: my sisters. My younger siblings Carla and Lucy, who are twins, live spread out across the country. Carla is in Boston studying her Master's and working towards becoming a dentist. Lucy is in San Francisco applying her passion and smarts for mechanical engineering with Sail Drone. I am here in Miami building a career as an environmental professional and writer.

The twins and I are almost six years apart in age so we haven't always been the best of friends. However, as we've gotten older, our age difference has become less significant and we've grown closer, making our geographical distance feel infinite. This past summer we decided to do something about it by planning our first ever sisters trip. It consisted of a road trip from San Francisco, stopping briefly in Los Angeles, and ending in Joshua Tree National Park where we rented this mid-century hiking and camping cabin on AirBnB.

The three of us have very different personalities, but we're all adventurous and silly. (The combination led to some really interesting scenarios.) In my first YouTube video since my Rivas, Nicaragua trip in June 2014, I share the story of our sister bonding in Joshua Tree. Where do you think we should take our talents to next?


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