Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thank You Miami For Brunch - The Cabana Club at Nautilus Hotel

At times, we forget what a spectacle our city truly is. Right within the precincts of our backyards lies the kind of destinations we often travel to find. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, Miami Beach is a world-class destination often overlooked by its own people. As if refusing to be tourists in our own city, we leave many wonderful places unexplored.

The Nautilus Hotel on Collins Ave is one you’ve probably heard about during Swim Week and other weekends alike, but probably wouldn’t think of visiting on any unassuming Sunday morning. Because, let’s face it, hanging out in hotel lobbies are activities all-night club goers indulge in. Right?

Wrong, in fact, visiting the Nautilus Hotel is a parallel experience to escaping to an all-inclusive beach resort vacation. The minute you walk through the hotel doors, you’re greeted by the effervescent breeze of ocean air. And just like that, all of your problems are simply whisked away. Their 1950’s inspired Lobby bar emulates a luxury beach house with an international and residential feel, but that’s “wine down” story for another day…

We recently ventured to the Cabana Club at Nautilus because we heard rumors of Rosé that flows endlessly and most importantly —at least to foodies like us — where the food is also never-ending. And upon passing small islands of colorful platters on our way to our table, we knew everything we’d heard was true.

Renowned Chef Richard Fuentes intricately curated all the best foods and strategically created the most intuitive buffet experience mankind could ever imagine. Starting with the stomach wakening options like shrimp cocktails, and a variety of salads, moving on to a heavier yet light enough Mediterranean island, then your taste buds are fired up with grilled zucchinis, sizzling steaks, and creamy gnocchi. At this point, there is so much left to explore but your plate is probably full and you can’t help but eye the dessert table(s) on your way out. Round two will consist of those things you really liked or still want to try. This plate is lighter but only because desert space could be compromised at this point.

Depending on how much wine you’ve had, the number of rounds you’ll make around the buffet room can’t really be predicted, in other words— the limit does not exist. The number of deserts you’ll try is also incalculable so leave your diet and worries at home but remember to take your favorite one piece because like I mentioned before, this all-inclusive experience also grants you access to a day at the pool. And before you go, you’ll want to grab a light plate of fresh fruits to cool down your palate for an afternoon poolside staycation of drinks and relaxing vibes.


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