Thursday, August 16, 2018

How The New Menu at The Anderson Improved My Chances of Running for Office

If you see me at The Anderson, I'm probably up to no good. You see, The Anderson is that spot where I end up during a night of debauchery when I'm past the point of making wise decisions. By the time I arrive, the place is packed, the band is jamming, and every third person is a familiar face I probably don't want as a witness. (Turns out, The Anderson is where everyone I know also goes for late-night fun and bad decisions—or, to gather blackmail for when I run for office.)

Last night was the first exception to that rule. When I arrived to The Anderson, Jamison in tow, not only was sunlight still pouring generously through the blinds but my intentions were also pure: to sample the new menu. The Anderson keeps it interesting by refreshing their food and cocktail selections every quarter and they're coming in hot with an 80s themed menu of deliciousness that launches tonight (August 16) with a party.

My typical late-night agenda at The Anderson has been so sacrosanct that I didn't even realize they offer food or that they had an entire outdoor section out back. (And here I thought I was living my best life...) The good news is yesterday I was finally indoctrinated into the good-good of the full Anderson experience and it can be more benign, more glorious than I could have ever imagined. Jamison and I drank, ate and thoroughly enjoyed all the things. Everything from the material and design of the new menu to the creativity and flavor options it offers is on point.

I'm not giving up my late-night habit at The Anderson by any means but let the record show that if you see me there from this day forward—especially if I have a plate of those fire Haitian style wings in one hand and a Jose's Day Off in the other—there is a 50-50 chance I'm behaving and my future prospective political career is in a better place.

Fall-of-the-bone Haitian style wings with pikliz aoili. My favorite thing on the menu.
The Animal House cocktail, like all the other cocktails, is named after 80s cult classics.
A cuban sandwich in quesadilla form is evidence that Chef Jimmy Lebron's culinary creativity knows no bounds (and that he's a Miami guy through and through).
If you hear Sloth's voice in your head when you read the name of this cocktail ("Hey you guys!"), we can be friends.
Don't forget to stop by the tiki hut for an obligatory night cap. Apparently that's where all the cool people have been hanging out all this time.

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