Thursday, May 2, 2019

Margarita's Master Miami Guide

I have become everyone's go-to Miami resource since I started this blog. My friends, my family—heck!—even strangers will reach out to me for recommendations on where to stay, what to eat, where to drink, and what to do in Miami. (In fact, in 2015, Gatehouse Publishing tapped me to write the Miami edition of their famous The Hunt Guides.) When friends or friends-of-friends come into town, I have helped make their experiences here memorable by providing recommendations tailored to their interests. I have been compiling these lists over the last year to create Margarita's Master Miami Guide, which I am providing below so you can look to it when you're in need of inspiration or share it with your visitors. Next to each suggestion you will find three to five words explaining why it is included in the list and other relevant details. You're welcome, Miami!

Downtown Miami

What to Eat
  • Casablanca (fresh seafood, waterfront, white table cloth)
  • Fooq's (outdoor seating, meatballs, wine)
  • Garcia's (fresh seafood, waterfront, can't-miss)
  • Jaguar Sun (creative cocktails, fresh pasta)
  • Jar + Fork (lunch, fresh, healthy)
  • NIU Kitchen (Spanish tapas, wine, reservation needed)
  • Soya e Pomodoro (cozy, romantic, Italian motif)
  • Tuyo (killer views, fancy, exquisite food)
  • Zuma (reservation needed, tasting menu, vibe)
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