Welcome to #ThankYouMiami, a Miami blog that connects tourists and locals with the people, places, and experiences that make South Florida a fantastic place to live. Our readers come to us for the scoop on activities, events, fashion, food, and travel in and around the Miami area. We share great content on a weekly basis as reviews, stories and event listings on our site, as well as through photos and videos across our social media channels. (You can follow @thankyoumiami on Instragram, Twitter, and Facebook.)

The idea for #ThankYouMiami was born from the realization that locals, distracted by the daily annoyances of city life in a tourist destination, often take Miami for granted. Yes, we are blessed by a gorgeous setting, surrounded by talented people, and exposed to unique opportunities. But, after living here for some time, we get accustomed to these perks and they start to seem less special. Not to mention, they are often overshadowed by the trade-offs that come with living in such a popular destination and by all the negative press we get from our haters.

We created #ThankYouMiami to laugh and commiserate about those things that drive us mad about Miami life and to remind locals that the good of Miami far outweighs the bad. It is a positive space where Miami enthusiasts can revel in and be thankful for life in paradise. It is also a resource for Miami-ans to rediscover their city and for our visitors (and our admirers from afar) to get to know the real Miami.

We really enjoy swapping stories with others about how awesome, but often frustrating it is to live in Miami. Do you have a reason to thank Miami or a story to share? Leave us a comment below or send us a tweet @ThankYouMiami!

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  1. Visited there last weekend with a group of friends, and had all the fun we could handle. I really like the ambiance at this Chicago event space. There's a decent draft beer selection at a reasonable price and the bartenders are good at what they do.


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