#ThankYouMiami was founded on the principles of "local love" so we love to collaborate with Miami-based and Miami-originated brands and businesses. To work with us or to request our media kit, please e-mail info [at] thankyoumiami [dot] com. We can work together in the following ways:
  • Sponsored Content—If your brand aligns with #ThankYouMiami, we are open to working with you on promotional posts or reviews for our website and/or our social media channels. An example of past sponsored content includes this post for Rums of Puerto Rico.
  • Brand Ambassadorship—If your brand aligns with #ThankYouMiami, we are open to forging a long-term partnership to promote your brand through our website and social media channels. An example of a past brand ambassador partnership includes our work for Razön Sunglasses.
  • Event Hosting—Thanks to our facility for public speaking and our supportive audience, we have been invited to host and promote events for Simon Malls and Fashion Happy Hour.
  • Product Placement—We have worked with brands such as Ginny Bakes and Voli Spirits to produce photos that strategically place products in captivating lifestyle settings for use in online, social, and print media.
Please note that we only post products, venues, or events that align with #ThankYouMiami and that we can review in a positive light. If we feel that your requested collaboration does not meet those requirements, you will be notified in advance or the product received will be returned and no review will be posted. By asking us to review a product, venue, or event, you grant us permission to express our opinion about it on our website and our social media channels. We look forward to working with you, Miami!


  1. Hi Thank You Miami Team,

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    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Thank You Miami has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Miami Blogs on the web.

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    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


    1. Hi Anuj, Thank you for selecting us and letting us know! We are so humbled and excited to display the honor on our blog. We added the badge on our homepage. -Margarita

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  4. Hello #ThankYou Miami Team,

    My name is Anabel Cardenas and in the Communications Department at South Florida PBS, we really like what you are doing with this blog and we are interested in doing a Brand Ambassadorship with #ThankYouMiami.

    If this is something of interest, please follow up with me at

    Thank you,

    Anabel Cardenas


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